PP D 30 S

PP D 30 S Character and Applications

TPP D 30 S polypropylene is a homopolymer of polypropylene, suitable in particular for extrusion for the purpose of forming sheet thermoplastics, filamentary fabric and monofilament.

PP D 30 S Polypropylene is designed to produce rigid sheets for the purpose of quality molding of sheet thermoplastics such as vending machines glasses, dairy products and trays intended for fruit, biscuits and chocolate.

TPP D 30 S polypropylene is useful to produce filament yarns both by injection and bubbling processes.

Textile filament yarns with a denier number of no less than 1100-1200 are used for the release of carpet substrates, bags, industrial fibers, mats and artificial turf.

The filamentary filament with the number of dossiers in the range 3.000-28.000 finds application to produce bale and packing twines, as well as ropes.

TPP D 30 S polypropylene can be used to produce monofilament used, for example, for the release of brushes and brooms, as well as for other technical applications.

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