PP F 79 FB

PP F 79 FB Character and Applications

Polypropylene TPP F 79 FB is a polypropylene homopolymer designed to produce a high-grade staple fiber intended for the production of hot-melt non-woven materials. Has excellent spinning ability, excellent ability of technical sizing of fibers and great resistance to fading.

Fibers produced from TPP F 79 FB polypropylene are soft, appearance resembling textiles and high tear resistance.

Fibers are used as raw materials for the production of care products for women, patterned fabrics, pads, medical wipes, as well as for other applications in the hygiene and medical fields.

It is also used for the production of filters and fibers in the automotive, light and furniture industries.

In comparison with other brands of polypropylene intended for use on thermal sizing, TPP F 79 FB polypropylene has several advantages:

Is distinguished by excellent machinability in spinning technology with high extraction, which, as a consequence, ensures high and uniform quality of products and leads to a decrease in production disruption. TPP F 79 FB polypropylene has an excellent ability of thermal sizing by 20-30%. This makes it possible to release fibers with higher tear strength or lower consumption per square meter.

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